EVRAZ vanadium alloys can more than double the strength of mild steel. That allows steelmakers to produce the high-strength steels needed in buildings, bridges, pipelines, automotive components, and forgings—just to name a few of many high-strength applications. These alloys are also used to improve the strength and hardness of engineering and tool steels.

A subsidiary of one of the world's largest vanadium producers, EVRAZ Stratcor, Inc. offers a complete line of vanadium alloys:

  • 80% ferrovanadium – the universal strengthener and hardener for all grades of steel.
  • Nitrovan® vanadium – a vanadium-nitrogen product that reduces vanadium-strengthening costs.
  • Vanox™ vanadium – a high-purity vanadium trioxide that is an economical source of vanadium for tool steel.

The vanadium contained in EVRAZ vanadium alloys is recovered from EVRAZ's own ores and steelmaking slag—as well as other sources found throughout the world. Facilities on four continents then produce the vanadium oxide that is converted into the vanadium products used by steel producers worldwide.