EVRAZ produces approximately 20 High-Purity, Performance-Based Vanadium Chemicals. The company’s high-purity vanadium chemicals are used as vital catalysts and other ingredients in the production of many important chemical and petrochemical products. These vanadium chemicals are produced by the only fully-integrated vanadium company that specializes in offering a complete line of products. In fact, all production operations that produce vanadium chemicals have been designed to meet the exacting requirements of this specialized market.

Highest-Purity Vanadium Oxides

A key part of these operations is the production of ammonium metavanadate and extremely high-purity vanadium oxide. Using the most cost-effective feedstocks available, EVRAZ Stratcor’s Hot Springs, Arkansas plant uses a four-step production process to consistently remove every impurity that would hinder the performance of the finished vanadium chemical or catalyst. This process produces the following high-purity vanadium oxides and vanadates:

  • Ammonium Metavanadate (AMV)
  • Vanadium Pentoxide (V2O5)
  • Technical-Grade Vanadium Pentoxide (V2O5)
  • Vanadium Trioxide (V2O3)

The following vanadium oxides are also available by special request:

  • Vanadium Tetraoxide (V2O4)
  • Tetravanadium Septoxide (V4O7)
  • Hexavanadium Triskaidekaoxide (V6O13)

Vanadium Chlorides and Other Specialty Chemicals

The high-purity vanadium oxide produced at Hot Springs is also used as the raw material for other specialized vanadium-chemical products, including:

  • Vanadium Oxytrichloride
  • Vanadium Tetrachloride
  • Vanadium-Titanium Mixes
  • Vanadyl Oxalate
  • Vanadyl Sulfate

The following vanadium chemicals are also available by special request:

  • Stretvan™ Sodium Metavanadate Solution
  • 3.5-Valent and 4-Valent Vanadium Electrolyte
  • Potassium Metavanadate Solution
  • Potassium Orthovanadate
  • Sodium Ammonium Decavanadate

All of EVRAZ Stratcor's operations that produce vanadium chemicals have Quality Management Systems that have been certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO) as meeting the new 9001:2008 standards. EVRAZ Stratcor's marketing organization is also among the first of its kind to achieve ISO-certification.