EVRAZ Vanadium supplies its customers with rich vanadium slag, high quality ferrovanadium, Vanadium-Aluminum (VAL) as well as a broad range of vanadium-based chemicals and oxides.

EVRAZ Nizhny Tagil (NTMK) is the primary source of vanadium slag.

EVRAZ Vanadium Tula (EVT) produces vanadium oxides, namely pentoxide V2O5 and trioxide V2O3.

EVT and EVRAZ Nikom focus on conversion of vanadium oxide into ferrovanadium, including FeV80 and FeV50. Both grades are offered in variety of sizes and packaging, suiting the customer requirements.

EVRAZ Stratcor produces high quality vanadium oxides, Vanadium-Aluminum (VAL) and a large variety of vanadium-based chemicals